About project

The project “Complex conservation of the European bison in Poland” is implemented by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in cooperation with the Białowieża National Park and 25 units of the State Forests.

The scope of the project includes 90% of the national free roaming population of this species in 8 provinces and in key enclosures.

The project “Complex conservation of European bison in Poland” planned for the years 2019-2023 is implemented in accordance with the principles of good practices. The protection is covering the existed for long time free roaming populations of wisent – Białowieska, Knyszynska, Borecka, Bieszczady, Augustowska and herd on the Drawsko military training ground. As part of the project were established two new free roaming herds in the Romincka  and in the Janowskie forests.

Important part of the project is  improvement of living condition and care for  animals living in ex-situ conditions – in important enclosures managed by: Białowieża National Park and Kobiór, Niepołomice, Borki, Stuposiany forest districts and Forest Culture Center Gołuchów. Two new enclosures are created   in the Supraśl and Dwukoły forest districts and animals will be transported to those place in 2023.

Most of the work is done in the field and are aimed in the  implementation of active protection of the species. Crucial is to increase welfare of animals through improvement of habitat quality,  ongoing monitoring of the population structure and health condition of animals. In the management of free herds the veterinary care is also included. Extremely important for the protection of the species is the mitigation of conflict situations related to the presence of herd. Within the project are implemented among others, leasing meadows on the outskirts of the Białowieska Forest and wide education about  how to deal with the wisents, as well as advise farmers on how to prevent damage.

The project “Complex conservation of European bison in Poland” received funding from the European Union in the amount of approximately 29 million PLN from the ” Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme” under the Cohesion Fund.